alice kao headshotOur episode 11 guest, Alice Kao chats with Lead2Goals’ Scott De Long about her company’s corporate culture. Specifically, she shares her experience working with her team and partners in developing core values and building corporate culture the way they wanted for their business; one that has provided opportunities for success and expansion! In 2012, Alice Kao co-founded Sender One Climbing–the largest indoor rock climbing gym company in the Los Angeles and Orange County metro areas–with her business partners, Wes Chu and Wes Shih (who is also her husband). Sender One has a straight forward mission-to create wondrous spaces where people can discover themselves and connect with others…through climbing.

Prior to joining the climbing industry, Alice had a successful career as an international sales and marketing executive for four separate toy companies and, prior to that, as an investment banker. She discovered climbing in 2008 while living and selling toys in London. Climbing guided her through tough personal times and sparked her closest friendships.

Learn more about Alice’s company, Sender One Climbing by visiting their website at

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