Corporate Culture defines who you (as an organization) are, what you do, why you do it, and where you are going. This is what makes up your mission, vision and values. To us, answering these questions is central to the business process, and in fact may be more important to sustaining your organization than the products you sell or the pricing for those products.

corporate culture group meeting in non-traditional setting

Mission, Vision and Values

Most people confuse an organization’s mission, vision and values. An organization’s Vision can be defined as a place in the horizon in which you are looking to go, while the Mission of the organization is what you do and why you do it. Having a clearly defined Vision allows you and your team to know what direction they are going.

Values are defined as things your organization finds important — things you may even fight for.  Core values are deeper than that. They are the beliefs you have that you will fight for no matter what. We define these as the values you will hold, no matter what.