keith fiscus headshotOur episode 7 guest, Keith Fiscus talks about how he transitioned from being an ER Nurse to owning his own business. Keith is the President and CEO of Innovative Career Resources. Here is a bit about his company
Importance of establishing trust in your business: Trust is critical in any relationship where it be business or personal, but especially in the employment/HR world and even more so in CA with so many legal hurdles for both the employee and employer to navigate. If our clients feel and know that we have their best interest in mind, and are here not only as a professional recruiter, but also an additional expert resource as it relates to the job market, current employee law, and more so that we are here to protect them and mitigate as much risk as possible rather than just trying to “fill a position.”

Processes you go to building that with (employees, customers, vendors): Many times when we enter into a partnership with a client, our first step is to tour their facility… This helps us A) get a feel for the environment, B) make sure we are a good fit for their needs based on culture and core values, and C) look for areas where safety may be an issue and where we can come in and provide guidance and possible suggestions on how we can avoid potential risk to them, and us.

When building a relationship and trust with our associates, we rally approach it from a consultative and coaching approach… We take the time to meet every potential candidate whether it be in person, or now days skype depending on logistics and their availability… We put them through a thorough interview process to make sure we are in alignment with their career goals & objectives, as well as making their career search as stress-free as possible. We go through great lengths to coach them in resume building, presentation, interviews skills, etc. anything we can do to help them be successful before, during and after their interview.

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