Love What You Do. Get good at What You Do. Get Paid for What You Do.

So a few years ago I ran into a client; it was an employee of solve one of our clients actually-he worked at the University of Nebraska-and this guy came up to our booth and just smiling at me-he recognized our name, but he is smiling and just like really happy about things, so I said,”well what do you have to be so happy about?” He goes, “I just love my job!”

“Tell me about that… well… how do you… what is it that you do that you love about your job?” He goes, “at Nebraska I don’t have to do the things I’m not very good at… I got people for those, and I get to do the thing that I’m really good at.”

So the moral of that story was that, that the same kind of advice I’ve been given my kids-ever since I’ve heard that… find something you love; if you love it, you’ll get good at it; if you get good at it they’ll pay you for it. Think about that.