lead 2 goals mastermind groups challenge to grow

A Mastermind is a group that will challenge you to grow. Napoleon Hill developed the idea in his book, Think and Grow Rich, in 1937, but groups like this have existed for much longer. In fact, Benjamin Franklin was part of a group that met consistently to discuss politics, science and morality as a basis for self improvement called the Junto. A mastermind group in order to be effective must have a shared vision, mission and values (just as any successful organization must).  That does not mean however the group cannot or should not be diverse. Diversity is what creates the breadth that can be created in a mastermind group.

lead 2 goals mastermind groups develop business and personal relationships

The focus in our mastermind groups is both business and personal development of the members. This is a serious commitment, a commitment to the group and a commitment to yourself and your growth. By joining a mastermind group, you will tap in to others knowledge, creativity as well as understand a sense of belonging that you may not find anywhere else in your life. The others who have first been recommended, then decided to join have a similar commitment to growth, and probably have similar feelings of not having others who actually understand them. This is a unique group of people you will form with. They are leaders, thinkers and doers, they are not your next door neighbor, you know the guy who is comfortable. These groups are about being growth, challenges, accountability, and courage.

lead 2 goals mastermind groups intense group work

A typical mastermind group will block out four hours a month to devote to intense work within the group. Do not think all it takes is four hours a month, to be successful in your life it takes much longer and a deeper commitment, the mastermind group will simply be the place where new ideas and challenges come, then they will provide you with the accountability you may not have anywhere else in your life.