susan asay proaupair headshotOur episode 13 guest, Susan Asay talks about what lead her to start her business, APEX PROaupair. Susan had a specific need and when she couldn’t find a company to deliver that need, she opted to start a business filling that need; this is her story.
As a working mother with two children, a demanding career and no local family support, I personally understand the challenges that families face looking for high quality childcare. Not only is it time consuming, it’s also a very difficult and emotional process to navigate alone.
APEX PROaupair is a boutique au pair agency dedicated to matching American host families with experienced professional au pairs. Our unique programs ensure that families can find the right experience to match their needs, whether they have a new baby, multiples, a toddler or a child with special needs and have a wonderful cultural exchange experience in the safety of their home. Founded in 2008, PROaupair is designated by the U.S. Department of State and is the only au pair agency specializing in live-in professional childcare.

Learn more about APEX PROaupair by visiting their website.

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