Recorded Live on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, as a LinkedIn Live Event

Vacations have ended, the fourth quarter has started, and there is ample time to prepare resources for the coming year. Now is the time to get started on your strategic planning for the new year. In this short online webinar, I will share some insights, best practices, and more in terms of getting your strategic planning session started. The planning of the event is key to its success. You will be investing resources into this event—your team, their time, your time, money, and more. When done correctly, strategic planning is worth everything you put into it—it serves as the foundation and fuel behind the building and preparing for your business’s future. But, when these events are thrown together and not properly planned, they more often than not result in a discussion that is quickly forgotten or put on the back burner.


• Best Practices for Planning
• Pre-work Assignments to Get Your Team Prepared
• Brainstorming Activities | Learn More
• 3-Day Agenda Sample | Download
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Scott De Long, Ph.D. is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He is a life-long learner and has achieved a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development and a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Leadership Studies. He has taken his passions for business, leadership, and education and combined them to focus on working with companies to help them achieve their goals through the development of their people before their practices. Scott is also the co-host of The CEO Podcast. This weekly podcast series where Scott and fellow entrepreneur/business owner, Vince Moiso, dive into the important business concepts and issues facing today’s business leaders.


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