Concepts based on research and used in practice with actual businesses.

These exercises have been tested and have yielded results with our clients and our personal businesses. Below, you will find a collection of specific tools for businesses that we have developed for use in our business and continue to use in our corporate workshops, courses and retreats. During our programs, you learn why we use these tools, how to use these tools and we discuss the benefits of using these tools. We have made them available for you to download and try for yourself. Feel free to contact us with questions. We hope they benefit you as much as they have benefited us!


What kind of leader are you? While every leader has their own style, that style consists of varying traits. Each of the traits can be combined to identify the leadership theory that is most closely associated with your leadership approach. Want to find out what kind of a leader you are? What your go-to approach is? How you might be able to grow as a leader? Then download our free self-evaluation worksheet today!


The 2×2 Matrix is a simple yet effective tool designed to assist individuals and organizations in prioritizing ideas and initiatives. Used in conjunction with a myriad of brainstorming techniques during any planning session, the process allows you and/or your team to plot all of the ideas onto a quadrant that provides two competing forces.


The SWOT analysis is a great tool to use in preparation for a strategic planning session. This exercise can be done as a brainstorming session with a small group, but we do find it very impactful for each individual to work independently to identify the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and then meet and compare.


Properly preparing an agenda for your off-site strategic planning retreat is vital to its success. During your pre-planning, creating the agenda will provide you with the opportunity to map out your goals for the retreat. It will also allow you to incorporate breaks, meals, and activities. This free roadmap has been designed to provide you with some guidance to help you and your team meet the goals you have set out to accomplish.


Conflicts do not have to fall into fight or flight syndromes and often there is a better way and a better solution. This exercise allows you to think long-term to determine what it is you really want. To win at all costs, or to build on your relationship and come up with a plan that creates the best short-term resolution with an eye on the long-term relationship.


This exercise will allow you to take a step back and analyze the current situation before it becomes an emotional tug-of-war with the other person. By doing this, you can see the dispute from your adversary’s point of view and compare that with your own. In effect, this exercise allows you to view the conflict through the eyes of a mediator as opposed to your view as a participant.


This concept, adapted from Matthew Kelly in his 2007 book The Dream Manager, is a fantastic activity to get your personal dreams written out on paper for you to visualize what it is that you really want. We highly recommend this activity as part of any organization to conduct with, and for, their employees’ personal enrichment.