We all have moments in our lives where there is a turning point or a defining moment. These come from crucial conversations sometimes and most of the time many of us don’t handle them as best as we could.

The Eight Steps

Crucial Conversations will give you the “tools for talking when the stakes are high”. The book is basically broken down into eight steps.

  1. Start with Heart.
  2. Learn to Look.
  3. Make it Safe.
  4. Stay in Dialogue.
  5. State Your Path.
  6. Explore Others’ Paths.
  7. Separate facts from a story.
  8. Agree a clear action plan.

Each of these steps is broken down with an explanation of how to recognize these in a conversation, examples of how each of them play out, and tips to help you improve on each.

The Breakdown

Relationships are very important in our everyday lives. Essentially unless you isolate yourself on an island somewhere, you’re going to have to deal with day-to-day conversations that affect your life. That is known as a crucial conversation. Crucial conversations occur when there are opposing opinions, stakes are high, and strong emotions are involved.

This book gave me insight on not only on others around me but on myself as well. The entire book emphasizes to start with yourself, because that’s really the only part you have complete control of. Your actions are your own and theirs are their own. Don’t try to change someone and tell them what they are doing wrong, because they probably won’t make that change unless they recognize it themselves and make the decision on their own to change.

Overall I gained useful tips and knowledge about how to have better crucial conversations with those around me. The book also uses work and personal stories to bring the process to life, which helped make the material even easier to digest and understand.

With all that said, I felt this book was a great learning tool and I now can recognize what I need to do and what I need to change to make crucial conversations better.

If you’re curious and would like to read it too, CLICK HERE.

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