Almost every organization’s culture incorporates a set of core values which they expect their people to live by. These values are often highbrow principles that are put into print, allowing the organization a set of guidelines to follow. Yet for many organizations, these values may be cast aside once they get in the way of the organization’s objectives. Too often, we come across a zealous executive making false claims in order to win a business deal or deflect an inadequacy.

Lead2Goals has developed its internal core values, respect, trust, integrity and courage, based on the concept of even if… This means that these beliefs are so important to us that we will honor them no matter what. Even if it means losing a client; even if it means giving up a great gig; even if we have to face disappointment.

Below, we describe what respect, trustintegrity and courage mean to us.


The English Oxford Dictionary defines respect as, “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.” While that is a fine and proper definition, Lead2Goals incorporates a broader, and even more important, definition.

We believe respect is the ability to appreciate others, even if they may have a different way of doing things. This definition honors other fellow human beings’ rights and dignities.

In fact, we believe respect is the first step in developing a meaningful relationship with others; this definition becomes the starting point in our Circle of Trust.

We believe that the ability to respect someone, based on their humanity, can, and does, lead to the type of respect described by the dictionary. At the same time, if we do not respect others, there is no chance for a relationship to develop.


Most literature describes trust in the negative, referring to the consequences of losing trust. The basis of the work we do at Lead2Goals is the opposite; it is the process of developing trust that we find important.

The classic definition of trust is having confidence in another to do what is expected of them. We embrace this definition, but we also take it a bit further. We believe that trust is the ability to let go of expectations and believe that others will act to the best of their abilities and make a decision that is best suited for the situation at hand. Trust is giving up control to another, with the belief they will do what is right.


Integrity is being honest and possessing strong moral principles.

It may sound simple, but far too often in business and personal relationships, it is integrity, or the lack thereof, which causes problems. In our world, without integrity, there is no respect, and there is also no trust.


Courage is the ability to face difficult situations and not shy away from them.

Courage of convictions, therefore, is the ability to act on behalf of your core values, regardless of the consequences. It is in this context that we have come up with the concept of even if…

This is where the difference between a value and a core value lies. A value is something you cherish, while a core value is something you will defend or do, even if

Lead2Goals can help with incorporating core values into your organization. Read about our workshops and retreats for more information. 


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