Planning for a Corporate Retreat

Going on a retreat?! Great! It’s a great way to get your team together working on your trust and leadership and communication; so, don’t wait until the retreat to get started. What we ask our clients to do is start working about a month in advance. In fact, all the participants get these pre-retreat assignments; more thought process, and some writing, so that they don’t forget what it is that they want to say during the meeting. The best thing that we do in this pre-retreat assignment is we get them to visualize the end of the day and after two days of working together they’re driving home, and they’re thinking about how it went and the one question that they wish they would have asked that didn’t get asked. Now, we visualize these things, and we go through them, that question will always get asked at the beginning. So, don’t be afraid to ask people to think out a little bit.