san clemente


 1. Get Outdoors

If you’re visiting San Clemente, outside is where you want to be. The weather is too beatiful to miss out on! Take a hike, ride a bike, catch some fish, swim in the ocean, go snorkeling, try diving, get out there and learn to surf, or watch the wildlife! Within each of these activities, there are almost endless options, you’re not going to want to miss out.


 2. Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

This Center overlooks the San Clemente pier and is known for celebrating the history, culture, and ecology of California. It was built in 1927 and houses seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. This property is surrounded by five acres of incredible gardens, winding trails, ocean views, walking paths, and local species. Casa Romantica is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been fully transformed into a museum and function center.

Surfing Heritage and Culture Center 

3. Surfing Heritage and Culture Center 

The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center is all about….you guessed it, surfing! It is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and presenting the heritage of surfing. Future generations can come here to get educated and grow an appreciation for the sport. Another goal of this center is to inspire and encourage people to understand and share the passion of surfing.


 4. Fire up that BBQ

Scattered along San Clemente’s North Beach, are picnic tables and BBQ pits. Concessions and restrooms can also be found along the beach. There is even a small playground for the little ones to play on while you’re cooking up you’re lunch.


 5. Talega Golf Club

Located in the hills of San Clemente, this Club features par 72, 18-hole championship golf course. It also features a Spanish colonial clubhouse and a gorgeous landscape. If you love to golf this is the perfect challenge for you!


6. Camping

What if you want to do all of the outdoor activities along with firing up that bbq? Book a campsite! It’s always beautiful weather and the best part is you can overlook the ocean in your trailor. You will get to fall asleep to the soothing sound of crashing wave and wake up to the cool salty air hitting your face. It’s the perfect spot to experience San Clemente in it’s fullest.


 7. Shop til’ You Drop

The San Clemente Outlet has an 82 high-end retailers, entertainment, and restaurants all in one place. That’s a full few days of shopping alone! There are also many shops along the coastal trail in the downtown district and del mar street. Don’t worry there are also just as many places to eat, so if you need to put some more fuel in your body to keep shopping, San Clemente has you covered.


 8. Visit a Local Brewery 

There are two breweries that come to mind when thinking of San Clemente. The Lost Winds Brewing Company and the Left Coast Brewing Company. Both of these breweries have excellent choices of beers that will leave you satisfied and surprised. If you feel like having a beer but want to add some fun to it, sign up for beer tasting or beer tour!

farmers market

 9. Farmers Market

The San Clemente Farmers Market has streets filled with venders, only selling the best of the best. They even have organic options and their produce is ranked 4 out of 5 stars! There’s nothing like fresh produce and getting to walk around the market makes it also a fun experience for the whole family.


 10. Courtney’s SandCastle Universal Playground

If you are traveling with a family and have little ones, Courtney’s provides a great playground for them to exert some energy out on. The equipment in the park is kept clean and is maintained regularly.This playground has all 5 out of 5 star reviews and just by looking at it, you can see they built this playground with safety in mind.

So what are you waiting for?! Book your trip now and make sure to bring this list along with you so you don’t miss out on anything!

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