Professional Education and Turn Key Corporate Retreats

We are excited to announce the launch of our new venture, Lead2Goals. There are two primary focuses for the company, which cater to executives, both in the private and nonprofit sectors. Executive education and small group facilitation are the strengths of the organization. These programs are delivered through half-day workshops, as well as multi-day, off-site retreats.

Our Workshops

There are two types of workshops, both of which are based on experimental learning techniques. Our improvisational programs include workshops on affiliative leadership, as well as team building. Both of our workshop offerings deal with presentation skills; the first workshop focuses on developing and delivering a boardroom presentation, while the second is devoted to public speaking. These workshops can be taken in forums that are eclectic in nature, open to the public or developed exclusively for your organization and its staff.

Our Offsite Retreats

Our offsite retreats are customized based on the needs of the client. This customization includes working directly with the retreat organizer to understand the organization’s needs and culture. We then dive deeper into pre-retreat planning by surveying and interviewing the participants to understand their needs and concerns, prior to developing the agenda. Every participant will be assigned a task to complete before the start of the retreat. We begin each retreat with an ice-breaking exercise, in order to build trust and develop respect, which ensures the retreat’s success.

Lead2Goals retreats include:

  • a fantastic five-star retreat center in local mountains
  • thorough pre-retreat planning
  • thoughtful and purposeful sessions to deliver desired outcomes
  • a balance of both work and play; our retreats are serious and fun!

About the Lead2Goals Facilitators

Educated and experienced describe both Dr. Theresa Robbins Dudeck and Scott De Long. Theresa is a master in the art of improvisation; she uses her extensive knowledge and skillful techniques to quickly break down barriers and build trust. Scott quickly enables all participants to engage and feel comfortable, and has the knowledge and skills to turn any group into a team.

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