overcome roadblocks

You can always turn a roadblock into a detour with strategic planning. No matter what the obstacle is, you can overcome it. Surfing is the perfect activity to help you learn how to overcome different things in your life. Whether it’s with work or at home, you can always create a detour.

Why Surfing?

Surfing provides a lot of great benefits to your physical and mental wellness. It helps with your cardiovascular system, your heart, improves balance, strengthens your muscles, and much more! The best part is it teaches you how to overcome difficulties. Surfing isn’t the easiest sport out there, you can ask anyone whose tried it. It takes a lot of patience, trust, and endurance. You must be patient and keep trying until you succeed and catch a wave. There needs to be trust in yourself to keep your balance and ride the wave all the way through. You also need to have the endurance to keep paddling and pushing through those waves to even get the chance to ride one of them.

Strengthens Your Mind and Body

Just like we stated above, surfing provides a lot of benefits to your body and your mind. From paddling out through the waves, to carrying your board across the sand, your body is constantly getting a great whole body workout. But to overcome a roadblock in life, you need a strong mind. You will learn how to be mentally stronger by forcing yourself to stay focused and clear your head, so the only thing on your mind is the task at hand. This focus will keep you from getting knocked off your board from a harsh wave and allow you to ride a wave all the way through.

Teaches You Real Patience

You will never catch a wave if you aren’t patient. Sometimes you will have days out on the water where you won’t catch any waves at all. The entire time will be spent paddling out and failing to catch a wave, only to paddle out again to wait for another. Some days will be better and you will keep catching wave after wave. Knowing how to be patient though, is a real virtue.

Being patient in life will make every situation in life better. When there’s nothing more you can do but wait, do so. There’s no need to complain or talk about it, when you’ve already done all that you can. This is just like being out in the ocean. When you have used all of your strength to paddle out to the clearing to wait for that perfect wave, you have already done all that you can. You can’t wish a great wave to life, you have to wait for it to form.

Increase Your Flexibility 

With surfing this is more of a physical aspect. You’re using every muscle in your body and moving in such a way that you have to be flexible to catch a great wave. This can transfer over into life in a mental way though. Being flexible as a mind state is also beneficial. If you have hit a roadblock and there are conflicting or differing ideas, be flexible. Hear everyone out, determine the pros and cons of each idea, and mesh the ideas together to create the best one. Flexibility is key to coming to a conclusion and keeping an open mind.

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