Costa Rica is well-known as the whitewater rafting capital of the world due to its abundant raging rivers and thriving adventure attitude! You won’t want to miss out on this quintessential Costa Rican activity while you’re at the beach! Go rafting rain or shine — you’re going to get wet anyway!

The Tenorio River is a beautiful river that winds its way through the Guanacaste mountain range along a deep, red-rock canyon surrounded by magnificent landscapes of low, tropical and dry forest. Exciting rapids along 20 kilometers of river, a fresh fruit snack and plenty of wildlife along the way like iguanas, tropical birds and monkeys. This unique rafting tour finishes with a super-exciting, 12-foot waterfall drop called “Cascabel Falls!” When you arrive to the end of your exciting rafting journey, there is a quick hike to the 4×4 vehicle ride out of this isolated, unspoiled region of Costa Rica. Enjoy a delicious lunch and then head on to the resort in time for a glorious, Pacific sunset.