“When entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation.”
— Carol S. Dweck

Level up your leadership!

Your talent has gotten you where you are today! Perhaps that is in the C-Suite, or still on your way there, your personal style and leadership approach is what will determine your success. Leadership today requires a growth mindset. Being the smartest person in the room was once all that was required—today’s leaders need to bring more to the table. Our executive coaching program is built around our Circle of Trust process, developed by Lead2Goals’ Founder, Scott De Long, Ph.D. Focused on the needs of today’s leaders, the Circle of Trust provides a proven practice of developing the one thing we need in life and in business—relationships. Focused on understanding your objectives we provide a comprehensive evaluation of your leadership style and create a plan that will help you become the leader you were meant to be.

This course can be taken one-on-one through a coaching method as outlined here, or as a group for an executive team.

Lead2Goals’s Scott De Long, Ph.D. talks about Executive Presence during Episode 17 of The CEO Podcast.


  • Positional power does not grant personal authority
  • Working with and between departments to coordinate strategic initiatives can be challenging
  • Filling the shoes of the superstar who was in the position before you
  • Spending so much time in meetings that you can’t get anything done


  • Differentiating the difference between leadership and management
  • Process for developing the culture within the organization
  • Strategic planning processes, including accountability tracking
  • Succession planning and employee development


  • Inspiring your team instead of relying on motivating them
  • Developing strategies and plans for the execution of these strategies
  • Coaching rather than training or managing
  • Building trust throughout the organization


  • 360-degree analysis of your leadership style
  • Individual consultation with your coach to customize a plan
  • 30-minute weekly face to face sessions
  • Strategic Planning software to take your leadership to the next level