Change Anything is a step-by-step guide on how to break long-standing bad habits. It gives inspiration and knowledge on how to basically change anything you want to. This book is based on research the authors gathered in their “Change Anything Labs.” At these labs, the study and work is with people who struggle with these self-destructive patterns.

This book will introduce you to a system and explain how you can best implement this into your life and stick to it to better yourself. That is the exact reason we read this book in the first place. Here at Lead2Goals, we know there is always room to grow and room to make yourself better. It doesn’t have to be all done at once and it doesn’t have to be a big change every single time. Making small changes here and there will be just as beneficial. Over time these changes will become second nature and they won’t even cross your mind anymore.

Six Sources of Influence

With the research the authors have done, they have found six sources that they believe we should focus on.

  1. Personal Motivations: This one is essentially your thoughts on the past, present, and future. Change one thought and you can change a negative situation into a positive one; it’s your choice.
  2. Personal Skills: We need certain skills to succeed. Evaluate your skills, practice to be better, and improve your will power to perform these skills.
  3. Social Motivations: Be aware of peer pressure around you and use it to be better, instead of following a bad path.
  4. Social Skills: Evaluate who are your real friends and gain new ones that add something to your life. Create a new vision and distance yourself from the negative.
  5. Environmental Motivations: Give yourself rewards and incentives for doing better and making those changes.
  6. Environmental Skills: Use all of your tools around you. Control your environment to benefit you. Take out the distractions and practice good habits.

Examples of Change 

Towards the end of the book, weight, addictions, spending, career advancement, and relationships each have their own section. These sections break down how to evaluate yourself in these situations. They also make you start to think deeper about how you can make the changes. Personally I connected with the relationships section the most. I thought it was very insightful and I have already made a mental list of things I can change to better my relationships.

Our Recommendation 

Change Anything gives us a “careful way of thinking about the science of personal change … about crucial moments, vital behaviors, six powerful sources of influence, and the need to learn and adjust.” p.236

It gives us all the tools we need to “Change Anything” in our lives. You will still have to figure out which tactics work best for you, but this book is filled with so much research and knowledge, that you will have no problem getting started. Everyone stumbles and falls at some point in their life, but the choice is yours to get back up and keep moving.

Read this book. It could change your life.

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