Build on Your Professional Strengths

So I had a conversation with one of my clients the other day, and it was about strengths and weaknesses. And one of this gentleman’s weaknesses is reading and understanding his financial statements. He has an executive coach, also, in addition to me that that has asked him to get better at reading the P and Ls and the balance sheets and as a vital part of his business… And I totally disagree. This guy’s a creative. His mind is thinking about the next big thing. A typical entrepreneur who is chasing the shiny balls; and he’s really good at it. He thinks about new thoughts and ideas and ways for hius business grow. So what I’m not gonna recommend is allowing someone else to get better at the financial statements and understanding those and when you’d have somebody asking you about those-a banker or a lawyer, IRS-have that person come in and make that make that call for you. If your great at financial statements and not great at creativity, find someone that’s good at creativity and bring them in for that.

So this because this guy is really good at creativity…

I’m gonna go back and tell a little parable about something that happened to me years ago. I’ve always been good at taking pictures. I could frame things and I can see beauty within within the scenery and took some beautiful pictures. One day I decided “I need to learn how to use my camera,” so I went to school and took a class and started learning how to use the camera… and lost all of my creativity. I was so worried about the the aperture and the camera, the shutter speed and all the details that that camera has built in, that I lost the ability to see the beauty within the picture itself. It was amazing how that worked… so that goes along with the advice that I gave my client is that, “do what you do… do it really well, and let other people do what it is that they do, really well.