Today, COVID-19 is still a concern for many. That’s why budding entrepreneurs need to be safety-conscious when meeting with clients. If you want to make sure your home office is as COVID-safe as possible, Lead2Goals has some best practices that can help.

Fast Safety Tips

If you have an in-person meeting soon and won’t have time to fully update your home office, stick with the basics. That way, you can increase safety immediately. Here are some places to start:

Additionally, make sure of any technologies that let you reduce contact. For example, payment and invoicing software eliminate the need for touching payment cards or paper invoices, limiting your direct contact with items clients will handle.

Home Office Positioning

When you bring a client to your home for a meeting, you want to keep the journey from the entrance to the home office as short as possible. That way, visitors have less contact with your living areas and various surfaces, making it easier to keep your home healthy.

Choosing a room with a separate exterior entrance is obviously ideal. However, if that isn’t possible, going with a room that’s right off of your entryway is a reasonable alternative.

If selling in the near future is part of the plan and you don’t currently have a separate home office, adding one could be a wise move, allowing you to increase your home’s appraisal value. During the project, take photos and log your costs. That way, you can quantify the value of the work with greater ease.

Designing for In-Person Meetings

The key to designing a home office for COVID-safe in-person meetings is focusing on social distancing. Ideally, you want to make staying six feet apart simple. One way to do that is to make sure that your seating is already positioned with that distance in mind. You can also discourage visitors from moving the seats by choosing heavier pieces that aren’t easy to shift, as well as positioning a coffee table or desk in between you and your guest.

For a damaged chair or couch that would make a solid addition to your office, consider working with furniture upholstery services for repairs. When it comes to the price, a couch usually falls between $1,200 and $3,500. However, pricing depends on numerous factors, including materials, size, and more. Just make sure that you read Angi reviews before getting quotes, allowing you to find a reputable company to do the work.

Virtual Meeting Office Design

Many budding entrepreneurs like to know that virtual meetings are far safer while COVID-19 is a concern. However, you want to take steps to ensure the experience is as positive as possible.

Start by investing in the right technologies. A high-speed, hard-wired internet connection offers the best connectivity. By getting top-quality cameras and microphones, you’re easier to see and hear.

From the design perspective, make sure the space behind you that’s in the frame is clutter-free and a camera-friendly color. Hues like soft blues or greens can work well, as they are often flattering.

Also, get your lighting in order. Open up curtains and blinds for natural light. Then, position the table and floor lamps for more illumination. Finally, add a soft ring light to brighten your face, ensuring you’re easy to see.

Bonus Financial Safety Tip

Protecting yourself means doing more than implementing health-related safeguards; you also want to protect personal assets. By making your business structure an LLC, you can reduce your liability significantly. Since the rules for forming an LLC can vary, check the laws before you begin. Then, either file yourself or use a formation service.

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