Effective Meetings Now, to Save Time Later

I want to talk about meetings today.

People are always complaining-middle-management folks in particular-always complaining about the number of meetings and how long it takes to get into a meeting. A nd what I suggest to them is that, “listen we’re only going to have a meeting if, in fact, I can either help you save time or improve the communication. Those are the only two reasons I can see for a meeting. If we’re just reporting on things, send me a report let me read it; that’s all I need to know. But if what we’re looking for is an open dialog and communication, so that we can foster better communication throughout the company, a meeting might be the best way to do it.

One of the things that I tell people all the time is that, if you give me a half an hour right now I will save you two and a half hours later, over the course of time; alright? My meetings are intended to help provide enough information, and the tools that people need, in order to save time later. S o give up that half an hour now and save a lot of time later.