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There are many reasons why someone would want to go fishing, but there are five top reasons why we would suggest it. The main one being, it encourages a better relationship.

Reason #1:

Fishing relieves stress.

Most people spend time in the outdoors because it gives them a sense of freedom. No walls to confine them. Fresh air rushing by them. And open wilderness surrounding them. There’s nothing like it. Sitting on the edge of a lake, river, or boat casting your line and hoping for the best. While you wait, you to get to absorb this freedom and the peaceful atmosphere. This creates a calm wash over your body and overall takes away the stress that has been building up.

Reason #2: 

Fishing encourages social bonding.

The peace and quiet that surrounds you while you’re waiting for a fish to latch onto your line, provides a great opportunity for communication. Sometimes you don’t get a moment whether you’re at work or at home to really talk things over that have been on your mind. Fishing provides a perfect environment to spark up any conversation and once you catch that first fish, you have that exciting moment to talk about too!

Reason #3:

Fishing has health benefits.

Being outside and staying active will make you feel healthier just by putting yourself in cleaner air and a cleaner environment. It will also encourage a healthier way of life. Hiking up to the best lake in the area or to the top of the river where the fish taste the best will help you burn those unwanted calories, increase the quality of your lifestyle, and even add years to your life if done regularly.

Reason #4:

Fishing mixes up your usual daily routine.

It gets you out of the office setting and your normal work environment. This promotes an open atmosphere where you and who you are with can feel more comfortable and relaxed to talk about certain things you might not bring up during work. Even if you have a bad day fishing and you don’t catch any fish, it still beats sitting in a cubicle arguing over paperwork.

Reason #5:

Fishing gives you a sense of self-fullfilment.

It gives you a chance to improve how you see yourself. It gives you respect for the environment, helps you master your outdoor skills, and achieve your personal goals. When you catch your very first fish, you get a sense of accomplishment and pride. This gives you confidence and improves your overall self-esteem. This can even empower you to go out and better other aspects of your life.

Overall, fishing can help personal growth, which will in turn better your relationships with others. Sitting next to someone, conjuring up great conversation, and sharing those special moments of catching that big fish will benefit that relationship more than you may think.

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