Recorded live on LinkedIn on October 11th, 2022 as a LinkedIn Live Event.

It is not uncommon for a #manager to struggle in their position no matter how much potential they possess, or time in the position they have. Being a manager is a position of continual growth. In these instances, #leadership training for these managers can be a valuable investment for the company and the individual. Whether you are a #business leader with a new manager struggling with new responsibilities, have a current front-line manager with potential, and are in need of some additional training, or are a manager yourself seeking training to help you grow in your position, this webinar is a great first step.


Scott De Long, Ph.D. is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He is a lifelong learner and has achieved a Master’s Degree in Leadership Development and a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis on Leadership Studies. He has taken his passions for business, leadership, and education and combined them to focus on working with companies to help them achieve their goals through the development of their people before their practices. Scott is also the co-host of The CEO Podcast. This weekly podcast series where Scott and fellow entrepreneur/business owner, Vince Moiso, dive into the important business concepts and issues facing today’s business leaders.


• Scott’s Full Bio: https://lead2goals.com/scott-de-long/
• Lead2Goals Website: https://lead2goals.com
• The CEO Podcast: http://thecepodcast.net