paddle boarding

Benefit #1: Everyone Can do it

You can choose your own pace based on your skillset and mood for the day. You can paddleboard across a glassy lake, relaxing and just enjoy being out on the water or you can choose to paddle over waves in the ocean for a workout session. From children to adults, everyone can enjoy paddleboarding. Just make sure to choose the right scene and scenario for the right person.

Benefit #2: Go Anywhere

With paddleboarding, you can go to the ocean, a lake, a river, or even a canal. It doesn’t really matter where it just matters where you want to be. Most paddle boarders like to enjoy a calm ride through a harbor or on a lake. It gives them the option to either float along or push themselves harder to get a workout in. Paddleboards are also light, so they are easier to carry than a kayak or canoe.

Benefit #3: Solo or Social 

Paddleboarding can be done all by yourself or you can bring along a few friends. We like to make it social and enjoy sharing the experience. On a paddleboard paddling across a smooth lake, it makes it easy for conversation. Everyone is relaxed and you’re out in the open, with not a worry in the world. If you have children with you or even a dog, you can allow them to sit on the paddleboard while you paddle! This makes it less solo and more social.

Benefit #4: Stress-Relief

This is the final and best part of paddleboarding, in our opinion. Since paddle boarding can be a relaxing sport done solo or social. It allows your body to release endorphins, providing a short term boost of happiness. This boost will eventually lead to better sleep, and improved mood, and less anxiety.

Being around large bodies of water has been proven to have relaxing effects. Even a photograph of a lake or ocean and the sounds that come along with those areas reduce stress.


What are you waiting for?

Grab your paddleboard and get out on the water!

…& don’t forget to try out our other activities!