You may have a small business, but that does not mean you cannot develop a major brand. To accomplish that goal, it helps to understand the best branding practices for small business owners. Learn the basics of branding and how to make the most of your efforts; Lead2Goals presents some things you need to know below.

Branding Basics

A brand represents a promise that a business makes to its target audience. Your brand lets consumers know what to expect from you, and it sets you apart from your competitors. Experts note that your brand and logo are not the same, so do not confuse the two. Instead, your logo becomes the foundation for your business brand. Additional aspects include promotional materials, your business site, and product packaging.

When crafting your brand, think about your business mission, your service or product features or advantages, and the attributes you want your target audience to associate with your company.

To ensure you reach your target audience, do some research on your market. That way, you know where and how to focus your branding efforts. To make this task easier, ask your current customers where they go when they want to shop for the products or services you offer.

Branding Strategies

One of the greatest things you can do for your brand and business is to identify your target customer. For instance, how old is your target customer? What kind of entity does your target customer support? Does your target customer have a specific education level or income?

Another strategy to consider is understanding your point of difference. That means knowing what sets your company apart from others in your industry. Once you understand your POD, think of how to infuse it into your branding practices.

DIY and Professional Branding Projects

Business technology and resources have come a long way, making it easier to tackle some branding projects on your own. You may have the experience and knowledge to handle customer perception, culture, customer experiences, and music on your own, but know your limits. For instance, you may want to leave your logo, fonts, blog content, or marketing assets to an experienced professional.

If you’re working with a graphic or web designer for your logo, consider compressing the JPGs you use so that they’re easy to email. When compressing these files, you may reduce overall image quality. Keep this from happening by using a JPG-to-PDF converter tool. That way, you can preserve image quality, convert several JPGs into one PDF and send the designer a single file.

Shifts in Branding Practices

Over time, it’s a good idea to change branding practices, especially when something isn’t working out the way you want. Keep a close eye on your current strategy, so you know the second your income decreases. If that happens, you may need to shake up your branding and marketing strategies. One way to ward off stagnation is to implement various marketing strategies.

A Business Education

Not only may earning a bachelor’s degree help your brand, but it’s also a great way to become a better businessperson. To save time and possibly money, consider enrolling in an online program. That way, you learn on your own schedule while maintaining your business. No matter the school or program you attend, check that the institution offers competitive tuition rates and has a current accreditation.

The right brand helps you understand and reach your business potential. Use your brand to take your company further and higher than you ever imagined.

Tina Martin | Personal Fitness Instructor, Life Coach

After leaving her early career in business administration, Tina Martin turned her professional efforts to building a career in sectors that inspired her. Now a personal fitness instructor and life coach, Tina has found that her life quickly changed for the better once she made the decision that her ideas matter and that she is the author of her own life story, and finally that she can, and should be, her own inspiration. She believes that “if we all took that same approach to life, we’d all be much happier, and the world would truly be a better place for it!”

Her website,, is a side project in an effort to reach a wider audience and encourage people to put their dreams first. She says, ” if you want to truly be happy, be your own inspiration!

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