The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence: The Handbook For Becoming the “Nordstrom” of Your Industry is about how Nordstrom set the standard for customer service. They defined customer service using their own set of beliefs. Then, they made sure that everyone who worked for them shared these beliefs, and put them into practiced. This book gives businesses the tools they need to provide “Nordstrom” customer service with a customer-driven culture.

We all know that technology is advancing quite quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that we should leave it up to machines to provide great customer service. Having people on staff to lend a listening ear with a positive attitude will go much further than a computer asking yes or no questions.

“The Nordstrom” of Their Industry

Companies like to compare themselves to Nordstrom because they have become the standard of customer service expectations. Businesses in every industry are reaching to become “the Nordstrom” of their industry. A lot of businesses use this book to help them better understand how this standard was developed, and learn how to get to this standard themselves.

How to Choose Employees

The book emphasizes the importance of hiring individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, and empowering them to create their own ideas. Employees need to have the drive to do everything in their power to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. They should be working towards making their customers lives easier, even if it means letting someone return a tire to their store that used to be a tire shop before it was a Nordstrom.

Be Empathetic 

All of the employees and associates of your business need to have empathy and be empathetic. They need to show basic human respect, and be able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Knowing a little bit about the customer goes a long way. Simply asking what the customer has planned for the day, where they will be wearing the outfit, or who they are shopping for, will give the employee some insight into how to best help each customer. Based on all the customer’s responses, the employee will have that much more information to work with to go above and beyond.

Not Just Happy in the Moment

The main goal is to make the customer happy for a long time. You want them to remember the experience they had with your company, and walk out with items or a service that they actually want or need. If you are able to find something that satisfies the customer, they will be more willing to come back again. They will know that you can get the job done and won’t waste their time. That might even mean that you will direct them to another business, as a last resort, if that business has what they need.

Keys to Success

It’s simple, you need four traits to achieve success. Have a can-do attitude, a positive personality, a strong work ethic, and a quick mind. If you can be genuine with your customer and show them that you are willing to go above and beyond to “wow” them, they are going to want to work with you. These four key traits are the primary ingredients to turning your business into “the Nordstrom” of your industry.

Key Takeaway: READ IT!

We highly recommend giving this book a read. It has everything you need to know to improve your customer service techniques. The book can help you transform your business into something that people enjoy being a part of. Give your customers a great experience and become “the Nordstrom” of your industry.

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