Effective Meetings Strategies

If you feel like meetings are a waste of time, it may be because you need better meeting management. New leaders can sometimes be unsure about how to run meetings, and even veteran leaders need reminders now and then. Meetings are a necessary part of business, but they don’t have to be tedious. Good leaders can turn boring, time-wasting meetings into opportunities to accomplish goals and inspire their teams. Our top 5 list of effective meeting strategies will help keep your meetings on track, so that your team can be more productive, and help your business grow.

Our Top 5 List

  1. Make sure the right people are in the room. You need people in your meetings who add value to the conversation. They should be there as contributors, and not just as spectators. If your meetings are full of extra people it will slow down the process, wasting their time and your time.
  2. Prepare and agenda. One of the most effective meeting strategies is to prepare an agenda. An effective agenda will allow your meetings to stay on topic, and on time. Agendas should also be sent out in advance, which will allow your team to come prepared and ready to participate.
  3. Define your purpose. No one likes to go to meetings when they have no idea what they are supposed to talk about, or why they are there. Meetings without clear purpose are a waste of time. The purpose of the meeting should be stated right at the beginning, and also in the agenda, which would be sent out in advance. This way all participants are aware of what needs to be accomplished, and why the meeting is important.
  4. Discuss how decisions will be made. It is important for your team to know in advance how decisions will be made. Will there be a group discussion, and then a small committee will decide how to proceed? Will participants be presenting ideas, and then management will have the final say? Participants feel more comfortable when they know in advance how decisions will be made.
  5. Who is accountable? When finishing meetings it is crucial that there are clear assignments for follow-up. Team members should be assigned to complete any action-items and tasks that were discussed. It helps to also include deadlines for these tasks, and discuss plans for how and when to share information with the team. Without this accountability, ideas and tasks can fall by the wayside, making your meeting less effective.

Effective Meeting Strategies Customized to Your Business

While this is our general top 5 list of effective meeting strategies at Lead2Goals, we realize that each team is different. We always work closely with our clients to provide customized executive coaching that meets their specific needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to business, and we’re here to help you make the most out of your meetings. If you have questions, or need guidance on effective communications, conflict management, or any of our other areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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