If you’re looking for an exotic location to host your next corporate retreat, look no further. Costa Rica offers everything you need.

A typical corporate retreat will combine intense work, fun activities, and social time that allow your staff to connect on a deeper level. We have developed programs that provide four our blocks of professionally facilitated, group-oriented sessions, where you and your staff can collaborate. These sessions can be designed around creative ideas, product development, or strategic planning. The rest of the day allows for the group to release some of the pressure and develop the relationships that turn a group into a team. These activities actually provide the space for continued dialogue and synergy surrounding the work that was done in the morning session. From the beautiful beaches where you can swim, surf, and paddle-board in 82 degree water, or just relax in the sun on soft white sand.

Rainforest adventures like whitewater rafting and canyon rappelling are also available. Costa Rica offers it all. The evening hours allow the team to build even more. Happy hour on the beach or a sunset cruise that leads to a fabulous dinner, create an atmosphere that will allow your people to re-energize and thrive.

If you’re looking for an exotic location and would like for us to create a turnkey, off-site corporate retreat, please give us a call at (949) 202-5763.