Too Many Meetings? Or, Do the Meetings Just Suck?

Every time I go into a new organization, the number one complaint that I get from the—from the… from the staff, from the people that work there—are that “this company has too many meetings. I waste too much of my time in a meeting after meeting and I can never get my work done.” What I’ve found is that rarely does this company have too many meetings, it’s most of the time that the meetings suck. We’ve got a four-hour seminar that we can put together for your organization and teach your folks how to put a meeting together that people are not going to dread—that they’re going to want to come to. Some of the key points? [#1] Invite the right people and disinvite the people that don’t belong there; [#2] Have an agenda distribute that agenda in advance so people have time to prepare for the meeting. [#3] The most important part of holding a good meeting is that it’s got a purpose to it. Here’s the intended purpose and here are the outcomes that we’re looking for.