Decide How to Decide: Decision Making 101

How to decide… or decide how to decide. There’s actually four ways of doing that, right?

So, you’ve got the Command, meaning I’m the boss, I’m going to make the decisions.

You’ve got the Inform, meaning I’m the Boss, I still need to make the decision, but I need to hear from you; I want your input before I make this crucial decision.

You’ve got Consensus, which is not everyone has to agree, but everyone has to support the decision
that’s being made.

And the last one is the Votes.

I really like to get to a point of consensus. Now it takes longer, but when we get consensus, what we get is the support of everybody. If I make the decision as the leader and just tell people what they’re going to Do, they may be compliant, but they certainly won’t have bought into that; not all of them at least.

So, decide how you’re going to decide before you get moving with any initiative.