What is the Purpose of a Meeting?

So, what’s the purpose of holding a meeting? Well for me, it’s pretty simple. I want to collaborate with people. I believe this strongly; “we are smarter than me.” So, what does that mean? So, no matter how smart I think I am, the collective—the information that I get from others—is only going to enhance or improve the things that I think I’m good at already anyway. Conversely, they’re going to tell me when I’m completely wrong, alright? So how do we get that to happen? Psychological safety is the thought process with your people that they feel they can say things without fear of being chastised, without fear of being ridiculed, and that you’re actually going to listen to their advice. It doesn’t mean you have to always do what they say, but that they felt listened to. So, creating psychological safety is an important start of any meeting.