Give Yourself the Precious Present 

The Precious Present, by Spencer Johnson is based on finding your own path and self-growth. It has nothing to do with material objects or wishing for something. You will either figure out what the precious present is before the boy in the book does or you are that boy wondering what it is along with him. Either way, the precious present isn’t something that is given to you. It’s something that you give yourself. In shorter terms it’s happiness.

In the workplace, this applies to the saying… “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

What You Do

What you choose to do in life is your choice. Choose something that makes you feel good. Something that makes you feel proud. Something that isn’t work at all, because you love doing it. You shouldn’t even call it work. It should be something you are passionate about. If you find your passion and pursue that, you will be happier.

People spend about one-third of their life working. Think about that and let it sink in. One third. Why should any of us choose to settle and just live for that paycheck so we can enjoy the other two-thirds of our lives? Why not enjoy our lives every step of the way, knowing we didn’t just settle.

Add Value

Make sure whatever your passion is or whatever you decide to do, you’re adding value. If what you’re doing has value, people will value you. That value will give the path you have chosen meaning. It won’t be just a hobby or a means to an end. It will be something that has added to someone’s life or a situation. For example, if you love woodwork and you want to make custom signs for others do it! Does it hold value? Definitely. You’re using your passion and skill to create something special and unique for people to decorate their homes with, where they spend one-third of their lives. You’re creating value for those people and they will value you for what you provide them.

Your People

Surround yourself with “your people.” These are people who share the same values, morals, and beliefs as you. People who you would call friends and enjoy their company. People who are a team and work for each other and their families and not just themselves. Those are “your people”. If you have found them you’re one step closer to happiness. You’re going to want to come to hang out with your people and create memories. They become a part of your family.

& You Get Paid!

The best part about all of this is you get paid to do it. You chose your passion. You have added value to your life and to others. And you get to hang out with people who you can call friends and family. It’s no longer work, but something you love coming to do and love doing.

Don’t work another day in your life. Choose a path that will create happiness in your life and make money doing it!

Overall “the precious present” isn’t a tangible object. It’s the choice to appreciate what’s around you in the moment and not let the past or the future loom over you. Be in the present and choose to be happy.

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