The Importance of the One-On-One Meeting

One of the key aspects of a manager‘s job is to hold the one-on-one meetings with their employees. Those people don’t do it nearly enough, alright? And so what’s the purpose of the one-on-one? By that I mean, I’m going to ask my people to come in prepared and listen to what their needs are. The one-on-one is for them. It’s not for me. It’s not about telling them—checking in and saying, “what are you doing these days?” Or, telling them how to do their job. It is about filling their needs. So, the next time you hold a one-on-one, get your people prepared and ask them what is it that they need. How can I help you? Where are you having trouble? What are the struggles that you’re running into? What are the things that you’re most proud of? Getting people to talk about themselves—what they need; what they like about the job—is going to keep them happier in the long run. And happy people work better.